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Social classes and inequality in health
Ricardo Antunes

Patterns of sickness, longevity and lifestyles related to health vary in accordance with social class, gender and school attainment. People in social classes with higher monetary and cultural resources on average show greater longevity and tend to adopt healthier lifestyles. On the other hand, people in basic wage-earning classes are mainly male industrial workers with a lower average life expectancy.

Young people in Casal da Boba: between exclusion and integration
Fernando Luís Machado e Alexandre Silva

This research identified three forms of transition to adulthood among young people on a council estate in the municipality of Amadora: pathways of social vulnerability, upward mobility and a crossroads between the two. There are many aspects involved in the construction of these three pathways. They are the result of family, school, work and peer-group factors. Certain critical events, such as deaths in the family or early parenthood have an important influence.

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