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Lecture "Same Formula, Different Figures: Change and Persistance in Class Inequalities"
Will Atkinson

See Will Atkinson's lecture concerning social class, inequalities and reflexivity. The lecture took place in Lisbon University Institute (ISCTE-IUL).

Unequal salaries among workers in the private sector in 2008
Margarida Carvalho

The 20% of workers with the highest salaries in the private sector in Portugal earned four times more than the 20% of workers with the lowest salaries. Lisbon was the only district in the country where the average salary was over 1,000 euros. On average, workers in the energy sector made twice the national average wage. The average salary of a worker in a small business was 60% of that of a worker at a large company. The difference between men’s and women’s pay was more accentuated in higher levels of education.

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