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published in:  17 January 2012
Tax revenue in Portugal accounted for 34.8% of GDP

Economic and financial crisis had negative impacts on general government revenue.

published in:  16 January 2012
Austerity was unevenly distributed in Portugal

Austerity policies in Portugal had a higher impact on the income of the less well off, according to the study "The distributional effects of austerity measures".

published in:  15 January 2012
19 million people on the margins of unemployment in EU countries

In 2010 the average unemployment rate in EU-27 countries was 9,6%, which corresponds to 22.906 million people. Much more people were in underemployed or potentially unemployed situations, but situations are not recorded statistically.

published in:  13 January 2012
In Portugal, about 45% of the population didn’t go beyond primary education

Results from the Census 2011.

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