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Income and Poverty
  Average monthly earnings of workers in Portugal: the rich got richer
Between 1985 and 2009 the average monthly earnings of Portuguese companies’ workers increased considerably (from 535 Euros to 1,001 Euros). Such as wage inequalities.

  Income concentration in Portugal has been rising since the late 80’s
 The richest 10% in Portugal gather almost 40% of the income.
  Income in Portugal is highly concentrated
In Portugal the top quintil earned, in 2008, 43.2% of total disposable income.
  Pay inequalities between age groups in the Portuguese private sector (2000-2009)
In general, young workers from Portuguese companies receive mean gross earnings lower than older workers. However, school attainment, sex and the type of contract are variables that make this relationship not linear. 
  Young workers earnings in the private sector (2000-2009): intra-generational inequalities
Between 2000 and 2009 there was an increase in the mean gross earnings of the private sector workers in Portugal, aged up to 34 years. However, variables like school attainment and age reflect significant differences in these wages values.     
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