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Inequalities in Portugal: recent and structural trends
Renato Miguel do Carmo, Frederico Cantante and Margarida Carvalho

Social inequalities are multidimensional and affect different sectors of society. 

Earning inequalities in the parishes of Lisbon
Margarida Carvalho and Renato Miguel do Carmo

Lisbon municipality distinguishes itself from the remaining Portuguese territory by the higher earnings the workers receive t...


Against the Odds: Disadvantage Students Who Succeed in School

Portugal is one of the OECD countries that has a higher proportion of resilient students, although the...

The Haves and the Have-Nots
Branko Milanovic

Do you know that the income of the world’s richest 1,75% matches the income of the poorest 77%?


published in:  28 June 2012
High levels of child poverty and deprivation in Portugal

published in:  27 June 2012
Portugal among countries where people are considerably less satisfied with life

published in:  26 June 2012
More than 800 thousands unemployed in Portugal

published in:  15 June 2012
Almost 300 thousands unemployed do not receive unemployment benefits in Portugal

published in:  20 April 2012
Poorer people have higher exposure to environmental hazards


12 September 2012 09:00
Conferência "Portugal in the Trends of Health Reforms: an Insight From Social Sciences"
Location: ISCTE-IUL, Auditório Afonso de Barros, Ala Autónoma.


Income concentration in Portugal has been rising since the late 80’s

Earnings premiums of tertiary education


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