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publicado em:  13 Janeiro 2012
In Portugal, about 45% of the population didn’t go beyond primary education

Results from the Census 2011.

According to the Portuguese Census 2011, about 3/4 of the population living in Portugal didn’t go beyond lower secondary education (ISCED 2): 19.2% have any educational level, 25.4% have four years of schooling, 13.3% concluded six years, and 16.0% attained lower secondary education. Only 14.3% have attained upper secondary or post-secondary education and 12.0% tertiary education.

Looking at the results of the previous Census, there was a clear improvement on the proportion of the population that attained upper secondary or tertiary education. In 1991 and in 2001 the percentage of the population who attained at least upper secondary education was, respectively, 10.4% and 17.4%. In 2011 this indicator got up to 25%.

Like in 1991 and 2011, the percentage of women that concluded tertiary education is higher than men’s: 13.9 and 9.9%, respectively. When it comes to upper and post  secondary education, men and women attain the same result: 12,9%.
It must be highlighted that these results take the entire population into consideration, including children and other inactive population.