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publicado em:  26 Junho 2012
More than 800 thousands unemployed in Portugal

The unemployment rate among population aged 15-24 has reached 36,2%.

Statistics Portugal (INE, Instituto Nacional de Estatistica) estimates that unemployment rate in Portugal in the first trimester of 2012 reached the level of 14,9% which is 2,5 percentage points over its value in the same time-interval in 2011 and 0,9 percentage over than in preceding trimester. Accordingly to these data, 819,3  thousands individuals found themselves in the situation of unemployment. The unemployment rate among woman was 15,1% and among man 14,8%

It is in the population aged 15-24 where that indicator reaches the highest value, which is 36,2%. That corresponds with 154,4 thousands individuals. This means that considering the same period of 2011 the number of unemployed belonging to this age group increased by 24.6%.

The unemployment rate among those who did not go beyond the 9th grade was estimated at the level of 15.4%. For the population which has completed secondary or post-secondary education it reached 16.9% and among the population with higher education the value of this indicator was 11.2%. In homologous terms, the evolution of numbers of unemployment among population with intermediate education stands out: the unemployment rate have increased by 3,8 percentage points and the number of unemployed rose by 43,5% (from 140,000 to 200,900). The number of unemployed who have completed higher education have also increased considerably (37%: from 84,000 to 115,800 individuals).

The Algarve, with the highest unemployment rate reaching 20.0% this quarter, continues to be the NUTS II region. In the region of Lisbon and in Madeira this indicator has already exceeded 16%.

As has been observed in previous quarters, about half of the unemployed (approximately 416,000 individuals) remain without job more than a year. Moreover, almost 230 000 individuals are facing the situation of unemployment for more than two years.

It is important to emphasize the fact that unemployment figures could be underestimated. There are 202,100 of unemployed willing and being available to work who, however, did not do any effort to search for a job. Therefore, they are considered inactive (unavailable inactive). Among that group around 90,000 reported the following as reasons why they were not looking for a job: they do not consider themselves to be in appropriate age, they are lacking professional abilities, they did not know how to look for a job and there were no jobs available (discouraged inactive).

Considering quarterly flows, it appears that 30.7% of individuals who were unemployed in the fourth quarter of 2011 ceased to be in the first quarter of 2012: 16.9% moved into employment and 13.8% to inactivity. As indicated by Statistics Portugal (INE) in the bulletin Statistics on Employment – 1st  Quarter of 2012 (Estatísticas do Emprego – 1º trimestre de 2012) "the percentage of people moving from unemployment to employment was lower than that observed in the flows from 3rd to 4th quarter 2011 (that had been 18,4%)." Regarding the population that was in a position of employment, 3.3% went to position of unemployment and 4.4% moved into inactivity. Finally, 3.6% of individuals who were inactive in the last quarter of 2011 moved into unemployment, while 5.8% moved into employment.