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published in:  19 May 2011
Thinking the future through skill assessment. Interview with Irwin Kirsch

Irwin Kirsch is the Director of the Center for Global Assessment at Educational Testing Service (ETS). He is also an expert on literacy and skills assessment. He has a wide experience directing US and international large-scale assessments on literacy. He is currently Project Manager of PIAAC (Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies), an international large-scale assessment in which Portugal participates.  

published in:  20 February 2011
Exclusion and social uprising in the Middle East and North Africa countries. Interview with Tobias Schumacher

Tobias Schumacher is a Senior Research Fellow at CIES-IUL. He is an expert on International Relations, Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA), Euro-Mediterranean affairs, and Middle East and North African politics.

published in:  25 January 2011
Persisting gender inequality in household chores. Interview with Heloísa Perista

Heloísa Perista is a sociologist and researcher at Centro de Estudos para a Intervenção Social (CESIS - Social Intervention Study Centre). The issues of gender equality, work-family balance and protection in parenthood are some of her areas of expertise.

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