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Inequalities in Portugal: recent and structural trends
Renato Miguel do Carmo, Frederico Cantante and Margarida Carvalho

Social inequalities are multidimensional and affect different sectors of society. 

Luso-Canadian communities nowadays: analysing census data
Ana Gherghel and Josiane Le Gall

These data show particular characteristics and gendered differences within Luso-Canadian communities as well as disparities compared to the Canadian overall population in important life domains, such as education, occupation, employment and income.

Earning inequalities in the parishes of Lisbon
Margarida Carvalho and Renato Miguel do Carmo

Lisbon municipality distinguishes itself from the remaining Portuguese territory by the higher earnings the workers receive there. However, the municipality is crossed by higher inequality levels than those recorded in national terms. And these inequalities aren’t homogeneously distributed on the municipality’s parishes.

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