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"Coesão Social: componentes e processos"
Renato Miguel do Carmo

This document presents an interpretative and operative model of the processes and dynamics that contribute to an increase in and promotion of social cohesion in Portuguese society.

Onde Pára o Estado?
Renato Miguel do Carmo e João Rodrigues

The economic and financial crisis has shaken a paradigm that needs to be rethought. What state will emerge from the neo-liberal decay and what ideologies and programmes will the left wing offer to meet the challenges that the international community and Portuguese society have to face? These questions serve as the motto of the nine essays in this compilation written by social scientists who ?belong to a generation that grew up in an environment of democracy and freedom won on 25 April 1974.?

O Investimento das Famílias na Escola. Dinâmicas Familiares e Contexto Escolar Local
Ana Matias Diogo

This book presents the results of research into the processes that produce diversity in school careers at the end of compulsory education at schools in S. Miguel, Azores. The analysis covers two fields: family and the local school context, and places young people at the centre, as plural players at the confluence of the two contexts.

Pobreza, Trabalho, Identidade
Fernando Diogo

The author conducts an analysis of the impacts of unstable, poorly paid jobs on the construction of social identities. He presents the results of a study conducted in S. Miguel, Azores, which analysed the effect of the Minimum Guaranteed Income (now Social Insertion Income) on male beneficiaries? relationship with the world of employment.

Welfare and Everyday Life - Portugal in the European Context vol. III,
Maria das Dores Guerreiro, Anália Torres e Luís Capucha

Social Inequality: Patterns and Processes
Martin N. Marger

This book updates statistical information and refers to recent empirical works in the area of social inequality. Its analysis focuses on the phenomenon in the United States, though it is supported by comparisons with international statistics.

L'État des Inégalités en France 2009
Observatoire des Inégalités

The book not only presents and interprets many statistical indicators but also contains a series of short essays on the issue of social inequalities.

La Apropiación: Destejiendo las Redes de la Desigualdad
Luis Reygadas

This work puts forward a new theory on social inequality (“the appropriation-expropriation theory”). It includes several dimensions, scales and scopes of integration on the basis of a comprehensive theoretic framework and analyses the development of this phenomenon in recent decades, especially in Latin America.

Repenser L'Égalités des Chances
Patrick Savidan

Equal opportunities depend on an individual?s dispositional ability to exercise his or her freedom

Unjust Rewards
Polly Toynbee e David Walker

While an over-paid elite emerges in the United Kingdom, one fifth of the population lives below the poverty line.
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