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"Rethinking the work class nexus: theoretical foundations for recent trends"
Will Atkinson

The author criticises viewpoints that perceive work as the only dimension constituting social class. He suggests an approximation to Pierre Bourdieu’s thinking when redefining the analytical framework of the concept of social class and highlights its merits not only from a theoretical but also from a methodological point of view.

Desigualdades Sociais 2010. Estudos e Indicadores
Renato Miguel do Carmo (ed.)

This book was drafted by the Portuguese Observatory of Inequalities and is a compilation of the work done there. Its aim is to make the work available to a readership that is not necessarily academic and encourage reflection on inequality. It is divided into two parts. The first is a comparative analysis of the situation in Portugal and the second contains fifteen essays that examine the problem from different angles.

La Peur du Déclassement: une Sociologie des Récessions
Éric Maurin

The fear of social demotion in the employment market is a phenomenon that tends to rise in societies where the possibilities of social mobility are more limited. Protection in employment can foster the production of inequality between social groups and classes.
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